Abdu’l-Baha wrote: The world of humanity is possessed of two wings: the male and the female. So long as these two wings are not equivalent in strength, the bird will not fly.

  • Can you do female push-ups?
  • Do you run like a girl?
  • Are you strong for a female?

The objective behind STRONG IS FEMALE is singular – we want to tear apart the stereotypes and challenge the current narrative. The physically strong female is not a myth.

Physical strength is empowerment, it is desirable, it is confidence and it is beautiful.

What does physical strength mean to you?


There is something so empowering about watching yourself grow, being able to push past your limits, and Strong is Female Throwdown is a platform for you to display your might – females only.

We’re building a stage for you to showcase your strength, your power, your resilience, and you might just discover that you are so much stronger than you thought you were.

Enter the throwdown, get involved and discover your potential. Click through the image below for more info!


The objective of our Intro Strength class is to provide participants with an introduction to strength training. We will cover the main lifts, start from the fundamentals, and build you up to the main lift so that you will be able to walk away with sufficient knowledge and tools to begin strength training by yourself!

Intro Strength will be an all-female class, limited to 12 participants only to ensure optimal attention with your coach.

Intro strength class pass is available at a special price of 100 rmb / class or 425 rmb / 5 classes or 550 rmb / 7 classes. Click through the link below to sign up!


What does physical strength mean to you?

Click through the link below to upload your own image and auto-generate a shareable poster to help us spread this important message!

Share your #strongisfemale image on social media using the #strongisfemale and tag us @RISESHANGHAI on Instagram so we can repost your image!

Together we can spread this important message and encourage more women to get involved, to take up space, and get stronger together!